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Chef Jana Patterson

Food has been my deep seeded passion since I was young. Visiting international markets, along with hosting students from around the globe exposed me to a variety of cuisines. It sparked an interest to learn and a need to devour cultural flavors. Cooking is now a hefty part of my life in social and professional circles. I have been paid to cook for over 18 years but before that I cooked for trade; firstly, because I was under the legal working age but also to gain experience. Typically, I would trade my prepping efforts for the opportunity to go to a type of restaurant I had never been to. Other times, I would babysit just to learn about another family’s culinary culture. During my early professional development years I was scrubbing vegetables, washing dishes, and working cafeteria style shifts to earn my spot as an apprentice. After completing a culinary program at Colorado Mountain College and while completing my ACF program, I gained experience working in several different venues and restaurants. I was now in need of finding my own style of culinary art. I landed with Whole Foods Market. This was where I learned about the big picture of food, from politics to fair trade. Working for a large corporation provided room for me to hone my skills in the realm of healthy and unique alternatives for classic international cuisines. Whole Foods has a broad set of clients and events that made it possible for me to embark on a personal journey of culinary discovery. There I found my puzzle master and problem-solving skills truly being utilized with creating recipes that fit different health lifestyles yet also soothed the soul. As a private chef, I am able to share what I have learned about so many dietary struggles, by helping clients find the list of foods they can enjoy while building vitality on the plate.