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Both born in New Orleans but raised in different parts of south Louisiana, Cajuns Lee Curet and Ginger LeBeouf grew up learning their family’s own traditions and cooking styles. Meeting in 1998 and marrying in 2001, Lee and Ginger began the process of building a life and merging their cooking influences, developing their own way of preparing an array of foods. Before long, family members, friends, and coworkers were asking the couple to cook for them and take over some of the heavy lifting in the kitchen for the holidays. In 2007, when they became a military couple, many things changed. In the years and moves that followed, there remained a constant in making new friends and developing new catering clients around the dinner table. Their final military move came in 2012 when Lee was stationed at JBER in Anchorage, Alaska. Moving to The Last Frontier was daunting, and the Curets braced themselves to learn a new way of living, only to be pleasantly surprised at all The Last Frontier has to offer those willing to embrace it. So, they adapted, decided to stay in Alaska long term, and bought a home in the Mat-Su Valley, surrounded by sweeping mountain views and incredible Alaskan seafoods, game meats, and farm fresh and wild harvested produce. Presently, Lee is still in the military and Ginger works in the legal field. On the side, they own and operate AlaskCajun Enterprises, a catering and private meal preparation service heavily driven by client requests and word of mouth referrals. Lee and Ginger hope to one day soon transition to full time business owners, preparing comfort foods and decadent delights for the Mat-Su Valley and surrounding areas.