The Alyeska Nordic Spa is 50,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor wellness space. There are 12 hydrotherapy pools at different temperatures, 6 saunas, steam rooms with aromatherapy, an exfoliation room, a wellness-oriented café, a yoga studio, and massage treatment rooms. There is so much to experience, and it’s all tucked into the northern rainforest, offering an opportunity to just relax in nature. 

Who is the right audience for the Spa?

Everyone! Everyone is welcome, and everyone is equal. We wanted to create an experience that was inclusive. You don’t need any special skills. When you arrive we want you to feel comfortable in the space regardless of where you are in your wellness path and the features were designed to feel simple, natural, and comfortable.  

What are some of the health benefits of the spa?

Traditional hydrotherapy benefits focus on detoxification, supporting the immune system, and stress relief. We are also really well suited for guests to benefit from the recovery boost hydrotherapy can provide after skiing, hiking, or adventuring in Alaska. Guests end their visit in our exfoliation cabin with a local Alaskan sea salt scrub so you’ll also leave glowing. 

What sets your spa apart from other wellness experiences? 

We are building off an experience that is common in Scandinavian countries, but relatively unique and new here. We wanted to embrace the traditional benefits, but also make them accessible for our guests and also make the Alaskan landscape part of the conversation. We’re also a social space, unlike traditional spas where it is often requested to be silent, our environment is welcoming for all whether you are looking for that opportunity to disconnect alone or want to enjoy an afternoon of wellness and connection with your family and friends.  

Signature Sauna

What Spa treatments do you perform in your facility?

Every guest to the Nordic Spa has access to all the hydrotherapy and relaxation areas. You’re welcome to “hot, cold, rest, and repeat” as many times as you want during your visit. To have the perfect day you can add a massage – our signature massage is the ultimate relaxation and is all about bringing the elements of the forest and the heating and cooling of the hydrotherapy together with some really special touches.

Nordic Spa is located at Alyeska Resort
1000 Arberg Ave, Girdwood, Alaska 99587


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