If you’re an Anchorage-based mom you may already know Bambino’s Baby Food. If you don’t know Bambino’s, sit back, relax, and enjoy this article. Bambino’s is turning the baby-food world upside down and you’re going to love the reasons why.

Bambino’s Baby Food was founded in 2013 by Zoi Maroudas, and not for the reasons you think. She’s a mom now, but she wasn’t a mom when she founded Bambino’s. She was a med-school resident, working with elderly and Alzheimer’s patients in a hospital. She noticed that the food they were given was unappetizing and nutritionally deficient. Many of the meals were pureed and sometimes were just baby food. 

Not only that, the poor nutrient value of the food was having a negative effect on patients’ cognitive abilities and recovery times. Having grown up in a restaurant eating a Mediterranean Diet, she knew a thing or two about delicious and nutritious food. She asked the attending physician if she could work with the kitchen staff to tweak the meals to add flavor and increase the nutrition in them.

The patients loved it and an idea was born. Rather than wait until after her med-school training was complete, Zoi started Bambino’s Baby Food. She thought, “Pureed meals are eaten at both the beginning and the end of life. If I can help create healthier babies, they may grow into healthier adults. I don’t have to have my own baby to make this happen. Why not start with my friends, family, and local community?” She got to work and launched Bambino’s.

Here’s what makes Bambino’s Baby Food so special:

  • It’s the only flash-frozen baby food made from Alaska Wild Caught proteins and Alaska Grown vegetables. 
  • It’s the only baby food company with complete traceability and transparency in its sourcing and manufacturing. 
  • Each Bambino’s meal contains 7-10x the nutrients of regular baby food. 
  • Each container contains up to 5 full servings, so there’s less waste going to the landfill. 

The proteins and veggies in the meals are pureed and then flash-frozen into small star shapes that are super-versatile. Baby can chew on a frozen star (especially great for teething babies) and mom can choose the texture of the baby’s food by melting the star into a smooth puree (stage 1 or 2) or adding quinoa, brown rice, or lentils to make a stage 3 meal. 

To keep their nutrient-content high, Bambino’s uses the highest-quality ingredients, including Wild Caught, Alaska Halibut and Salmon, and Filet Mignon. Yes, you read that right…Filet Mignon (it’s the cut of meat with the highest iron content). 

In addition to the complete meals, Bambino’s also created a “Peanut Mani Cookie Cereal,” for early introduction and desensitizing infants (4-18 months old) who have tested positive to peanut allergy with 4mm reaction.

Not just for baby. Baby food isn’t just for babies. Bambino’s meals are also used by adults who have digestive problems and need to consume convenient, delicious, nutritionally balanced, pureed meals. As a matter of fact, in the past year alone, adults consuming Bambino’s Baby Food has grown by over 10%.

Bambino’s Baby Food has been innovating, growing, and expanding since Zoi founded it in 2013. Some of her accomplishments include: The Alaska Symphony of Seafood Grand Prize in 2016 and 2017, multiple innovation awards, and Manufacturer of the Year (check out the full list here).

Zoi with her two children at Fred Meyers, Abbott next to their new freezer in the baby aisle.

Zoi and Bambino’s are excited to share their latest innovation…a partnership with Fred Meyer that transforms the baby aisle in your local store.  

Visit your local supermarket to buy baby food and what do you find? Just one option…small jars lining shelves, creating tons of waste, with limited nutritional value. Not anymore! Bambino’s Baby Food and Fred Meyer have teamed up to give parents a whole new way to find nutrition-packed, convenient food to give babies their healthiest (and tastiest) start on whole foods. 

You can now find them in Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla and Eagle River, Fred Meyer stores are adding special freezers to the baby aisle filled with Bambino’s Baby Food selections

You no longer have to search all over the supermarket to find Bambino’s high-quality products. They’ll be right there in the baby aisle, giving you an opportunity to compare the nutrient value of Bambino’s products head-to-head with other brands. You may be astonished to see that Bambino’s packs up to 10x the nutrient value of regular baby foods into their products. 

Everything Bambino’s does is local, from harvesting to production. You are invited to visit their manufacturing facilities in the Spenard neighborhood in Anchorage. 

If you’re a parent looking for a convenient, healthy (did I mention delicious?) option that’s also locally sourced, and low on waste, Bambino’s is what you’ve been looking for. 

Find out more (you can even get Bambino’s delivered directly to your home) at their website.


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