Our beliefs dictate our behavior. This simple statement has proven itself true again and again, especially when it comes to weight loss or creating healthy habits. 

I constantly see 3 beliefs that lead to failure in this area. And I consistently see that people harboring these beliefs don’t know they’re there. I’m going to share the beliefs, tell you how to recognize them, and (the best part), tell you how you can kick them to the curb to become the healthy, strong, confident person you are meant to be. 

Belief #1: I’m not worthy or I don’t deserve to be healthy, strong, happy. 

  •  How to recognize it: Your self-talk is harsh, mean, and negative. “I can’t get my f@t a$$ to the gym.” “I’m too stupid to meal prep.” I don’t know WTF is wrong with me that I can’t do this.” Being mean to ourselves has led to the success of exactly zero people. Contrary to what you see on TV and in the movies, “You suck! Do it! Man up!” only reinforces your belief that you aren’t worthy of success. When you believe you can’t do something, you don’t do it.
  • How to fix it: Re-frame it. When you hear that little voice in your head calling you names that you wouldn’t dream of saying out loud to someone else, you’re not “just being honest with myself.” You’re acting on the belief that you’re not good enough to achieve the goal you’re striving for. Change the language to something more encouraging. What would you say to a child in the same situation? “I am struggling to get to the gym. I can find other ways to move my body.” “Meal prep is hard for me and I can find alternative ways to fuel my body.” “I’m struggling with my health, I’ll start looking for solutions.”

Belief #2: Getting healthy only happens through deprivation and torture. 

  • How to recognize it: “I’m off to get my a$$ kicked,” “I’ll start my nutrition plan tomorrow.” “I just have to do this for 6 weeks.” Believing that exercise is an act of violence (kicking someone’s ass, even your own, is an act of violence), you will eventually stop the violence…you’ll stop going to classes or seeing your trainer or whatever it is you do to “torture” yourself. Our brain abhors violence and will move us away from violent acts in a quest for self-preservation. Same goes for “starting a diet,” or “getting back on it,” with your eating patterns. If you believe you’ll be hungry and miserable to “get healthy,” you simply won’t do it. You’ll run out of time, you’ll decide you can’t afford it, you’ll have a laundry list of excuses for why you can’t do it. 
  • How to fix it: Focus on doing healthy things that make you feel good. If you prefer gentle yoga or walking, do gentle yoga or go for a walk. Find foods that are healthy AND delicious AND filling AND make you feel energized. Recognize that you want to live well for the long-term, not just to “get into shape” or get to some number on the scale. Once any goal is achieved, you have to maintain it. Otherwise you’ll just end up back where you began.  

Belief #3: I’m stuck. I can’t change. This is just the way I am. 

  • How to recognize it: This one shows up as self-sabotage. You do things like have pizza after a workout because “I deserve it.” You’re comfortable with what is familiar. If being unhealthy, weak, overweight is what you know, your brain will try to keep you there because it’s what you’re familiar with. You may be miserable where you are, but you stay there because it’s what you know. 
  • How to fix it: Take a good look at where you are. Ask yourself, “How do you benefit from staying stuck?” For example, “If my body doesn’t feel well, I don’t have to go do… (insert activity here). You may surprise yourself when you find the answer to this question. Once you recognize WHY you’re staying stuck, you can make the changes and get unstuck. 

Can you fix these beliefs on your own? 


The problem is we often don’t recognize our own beliefs and stuckness. Working together with a coach on these beliefs and fixes is the best way to make progress and long-lasting changes to these beliefs. Here’s the thing…if you don’t address these beliefs, they’ll continue to dictate your behavior for a lifetime

You’ll want to change. You’ll want to be healthier, stronger, more confident, but you won’t ever get there. 

Self-sabotage and beating yourself up are the real-world actions that will continue to dominate your life. 

It’s time you Unleash the healthy, strong, confident woman you are meant to be. To help you get started, I’ve created this 1-page Mindset Download. Grab it and get started transforming your beliefs and behaviors today!If you’re ready to make the big transformation, check out The Women’s Wellness Academy and my Unleashed! program. 


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