Halloween: It’s spooky, scary, and sustainable! October is a fun month, and we want everyone to make the most of the spooky season. It is easy to get stressed out every year with what costume you’re going to wear, where you’re buying it, and if it will even arrive on time. Maybe the kiddos want a Halloween party, time to buy decorations! EEK, Halloween can be pretty scary. We want to help you have a fun and eco-friendly Halloween by getting creative with some items you have at home or some gently used items from a thrift store. Keep reading for some ghoulishly good ideas and tips!

1. Pumpkins: Baked, Roasted, and Carved

A staple activity of Halloween, pumpkin carving is a blast. Make your pumpkin carving more sustainable this year by using as much of the pumpkin as you can. Sprinkle cinnamon and spices on pumpkin seeds and roast them in the oven. Turn the mushy insides of your pumpkin into pulp for soup or smoothies, yum! For more pumpkinliscious ideas, check out this article from Eataly (it even tells you how to prepare the stem).

2. Costume Thrifting

Thrifting is in, and the possibilities are endless. Thrift stores offer fun outfits for the whole family at a great price. You can feel good about your purchase knowing that you are recycling quality clothes. Get creative and see what you can come up with your thrift finds, you just might find some cute everyday clothes while you’re at it! It is also a great sustainable practice to donate your old costumes to thrift stores, someone else will love your previous costume.

3. Reusable Trick or Treat Containers

The new Cocomelon light-up trick or treat pumpkin bag is the coolest, but it’s even cooler to have a reusable bag made at home! Okay, that sounds lame, but stay with us here. Upcycle an old cloth bag by sewing a blank Halloween-themed piece of fabric on it, or have kiddos draw spider webs and spooky monsters on it. You can also use an old pillowcase or tie up an old t-shirt into a bag.

4. Organic Candy

What would Halloween be without candy?! If you want to change up your October candy stash this year, we recommend trying some organic or locally made brands. They might cost a bit more than regular candy, but the cost is worth the quality and sustainability. Some great organic brands are Yum Earth, Moo Chocolate, and Torie and Howard.

5. Craft Up Decorations

Use old (and clean) milk jugs with the bottoms cut off and make ghost lights! Sharpie silly faces on the front and place string lights underneath for a fun and spooky effect. Cardboard gravestones and toilet paper mummies are also super simple and easy to make. Get your friends involved and have a Halloween craft night! For more sustainable craft ideas, check out this article from Inhabit.


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