As the leaves change from green to yellow, your body is also in a state of transition. It is extremely important to be mindful of how your mind and body feel during this season change. Adding supplements, movement, relaxation, and mindfulness to your daily routine will keep your body ready for the joys of autumn.

1. Get Active

During chilly autumn days, it is very tempting to cozy up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate. While that is a good idea every now and then, you need to stay active during the fall. Trying a new fitness class or finding a new hike to do will keep you motivated to stay fit all season long. Some local fitness studios we love are: All Life is Yoga, Vib Cycle, Elite, and Innergy.

2. Find a healthy sleep schedule

As the days get shorter, it is important to find a good sleep schedule. It can be oh so simple to sleep with the sun, but that is not the healthiest or best for your productivity. Finding a routine before bed and after waking up can help you feel enthusiastic about your sleep schedule. To learn about the importance of sleep and for more tips, read Connecting Breathing and Sleep, by Dr. Mandanas.

3. Vitamin D

As sunny summer days fade away, rainy fall weather comes to stay (at least until the snow starts to fall)! As Alaska’s sunlight becomes less and less, it is essential to give your body the vitamin D it needs to be healthy and happy. We recommend taking vitamin D supplements or trying tea with vitamin D.

4. Eat Locally Grown foods

Fresh Alaskan vegetables are so tasty, and autumn is the time to harvest potatoes, carrots, beets, squash, zucchini, and more. Go to a local farmers market or pick produce yourself at Pyrah’s farm. Learn more about the importance of veggies by reading Veggie Tales, by Kim Wilcox.

5. Plan Outdoor Activities

Autumn brings about some fun activities around Alaska. We recommend putting at least one new activity on your calendar every week of September. Head north of Anchorage to hike amongst falling leaves whilst having a spectacular view of Denali. If you want to go south, try out a fishing charter in Seward or Homer. In the valley, horse riding at Knik is a great way to spend a fall day. If you want a local getaway, head up in the mountains of Anchorage such as Rabbit Lake, Little O’Malley, and Flattop.

6. Fall Cleaning

You’ve likely heard of spring cleaning, but fall cleaning is just as important! Cleansing your home, car, or work can make you feel so much better. Studies have shown that a messy home can lead to decreased focus, stress, and depression. During the season transition, we want the opposite effects. Rainy autumn days are also perfect for cleaning!

7. Moisturize your Skin

Alaska can get dry, especially as we head towards winter. Keep your skin healthy by using moisturizers and creating a skincare routine. If you are looking for locally made skincare products, check out our article on Alaskan-Made Selfcare products.

8. Stay Hydrated

Although staying hydrated is always a must, during autumn it is even more important to drink water. Our bodies are transitioning to a new season and they need all the help they can get. Even when the sun is hiding behind clouds, it’s important to quench your thirst. We recommend drinking herbal teas or carrying a water bottle wherever you go in order to get your water in!

9. Take a Warm Bath

Grab a bath bomb, some candles, and your favorite book to enjoy a relaxing evening bath. You deserve some relaxation time after all the work you’ve been putting in to be healthy this fall. Bathing is also a healthy activity that can relax muscles, improve heart health, and help you sleep better. Relaxation and health benefits all in one, sign me up!

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