We know Alaskan kids play hard yearround, but summer gives them enough daylight to play even harder. Sometimes its challenging to think up new activities for your children to do, so we came up with eight awesome things to do! Read below for fun ideas and nature themed ventures.


Summertime is made for fun on the water! Kayaking is a great way for kids to get out and enjoy splashing around in the water while zooming around lakes or ponds. Check out our article on Alaskan lakes to go kayaking at. Make sure your kiddos have life jackets whenever they are on the water, safety first!

Fort Building

Get the creative juices flowing by building forts with your kids. Find big sticks, branches, and logs and try building a wooden fort. Bring some twine and rope to make your fort as sturdy as possible. Help your kids decorate the fort with flowers, leaves, and moss. If the weather is bad you can always build a pillow fort!


Alaska has so many beautiful and easy hikes that are family-friendly. We suggest trying thunderbird falls, butte, barbara falls, or trails around Kincaid Park. To make hiking more interesting for children, play games or sing songs. I-spy or the Great Big Moose Song can make a long hike go by with minimal complaints. Another fun way to entice kids to hike is by bringing along snacks and offering piggyback rides every now and then!

Outdoor Crafts

Rock Painting, flower pressing, chalkart, and gnome house building are amongst some of my favorite childhood memories. Outdoor crafts are easy and a great way to get any kid outside. Introduce your child to drawing nature, painting wildlife, or making flower crowns. If you need more outdoor craft ideas, check out this page. Crafts can be done with anything!


Food is a good motivator for kids to go outside and have some fun. Take your kids out to a scenic spot or park and pack a picnic with their favorite foods and some yummy treats. Try making a new recipe with kiddos using locally grown items. Rhubarb and wild blueberry muffins are tasty picnic treats.


A classic Alaskan activity that many children have been doing since before they could walk is fishing. Kids love slimy things and getting dirty, and fishing often includes both. Many lakes in Alaska are stocked with trout and kids can easily catch and release fish. For tips and gear, we suggest going to Sportsmans Wearhouse or Mountain View Sports.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Exploring in nature for odd plants and slimy bugs is the way to a kid’s heart. Make up a scavenger hunt checklist using a piece of paper and then have kiddos compete to see who can locate all the items first. You can also place bonus items such as painted pinecones or organic candy pieces! The prize can be anything from Wild Scoops Ice Cream to a new coloring book.


Spend the weekend outside soaking up the sun while camping. It will leave kids with fond memories of sitting around the campfire and snuggling up in sleeping bags under a starry night. Make sure to bring activities for kids to do such as card games, coloring books, and smores. Some local camping spots that are easily accessible include Eklutna Lake, Eagle River Campground, Little Susitna Campground, and Williwaw Campground.

If you have an outdoorsy kiddo, tag us on Instagram or Facebook and share the outdoor activities they love. We love seeing Alaskan families getting outdoors!


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