Skin health is very important but often overlooked. We got the chance to chat with licensed esthetician, Ashley Dolfi, about the importance of skincare. Ashley owns Hello Skin Esthetics in Palmer and she is incredibly knowledgeable about keeping skin happy and healthy. She shared some wonderful tips and information with us (check it out below)!!

How can Alaskans keep their skin healthy during our long and dry winters?

One thing that helps a lot is getting a humidifier for your home. Regular exfoliation is super important and can help get rid of dry skin. I normally exfoliate 1-2 time Using exclusives help seal in moisture and I use them at night before bed. Hydrating moisturizers are also essential during our dry winters. Oils can also make your skin feel great. Keep your skin healthy and it will thank you later in life!

What is an esthetician?

I think an esthetician is someone who learns your skin and helps you take care of it. They should know what products to use. I think it is a very intimate job and it is so fun to dial in people’s skin and help them better understand it. To become an esthetician, you have to go to school and pass a state exam. It is very rewarding to help people understand their skin. Our skin is our largest organ, and we should do our best to take care of it!

Who should/can go to an esthetician?

Everyone!! People of all ages, ethnicities, and genders can go to an esthetician. I think that there used to be a stigma around men getting skincare but it is becoming more and more popular. All the guys I’ve given facials to absolutely love it and often come back for another one!

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Why is sunscreen important/when should it be used?

Sunscreen is incredibly important because… It should be used every day, no matter the weather, season, or temperature! Even during winter, the UV rays are super strong and reflect off the snow. It is so essential to keep your skin safe and smooth for years to come. I think sunscreen is associated with being greasy, but skincare brands sell SPF moisturizers that are similar to a lotion and nongreasy. My favorite sunscreens are Super Goops Unseen Sunscreen and Dermalogica SPF.

What is your skincare routine?

It changes, but I always cleanse! After cleansing, I’ll use serums, especially hydrating ones during the winter. Then I moisturize and apply SPF (always!). I do my routine every morning and evening. When I am camping or on vacation, I bring a bag with travel-sized items and try to do my best to at least get a basic skincare routine in!

How do you recommend people start their own skincare routine?

I think starting simple is important. Cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF are great places to start! Going from no skincare to the three items above often produces a big difference. As with anything, consistency is key. It is wonderful to see people glowing from trying out a basic skincare routine!

What brands do you recommend for skincare products?

For exfoliation, I love Paula’s Choice B&H liquid exfoliant. My favorite exclusive is Cerave’s healing ointment. A little bit of it goes a long way! Dermalogica barrier repair and Glymed plus’s cell protection bond are also great exclusives. Mad Hippie offers more natural skincare options. Alpenglow is an Alaskan skincare brand that incorporates Alaskan ingredients such as fireweed and honey into their products.

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What are facials and what can they do for your skin?

There are different types of facials, some are relaxing, some are corrective, and I love a mix of both. Facials use creams, oils, and masks to help your face feel great. Massage techniques are also sometimes incorporated. Facials feel amazing and they can benefit your skin in so many ways!


How can people book an appointment with you for a facial or waxing?

People can book an appointment with me through my website or the Hello Skin Esthetics Instagram. I am currently open every Sunday and Monday!


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