Local businesses need your support during COVID! With the holidays coming up, consider buying from small businesses in your community. Whether it be purchasing art, going to a fitness class, buying locally-made treats, or sharing local businesses on social media, your local love is much appreciated.

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Ways to support local businesses during the holiday season: 

1. Participate in Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is on November 28, 2020. Find your favorite local businesses, find out what they’re doing, and support your local small businesses. Although that might be a bit different this year with COVID, these businesses and makers still need the community love to keep going!

2. Shop local online

You may have noticed that many of your small local businesses jumped onto the online shopping bandwagon this past spring. This is an easy way for you to support local from the comfort of your home.

3. Shop local in person

What better way to support local than by visiting your favorite local shops and buying your gifts from local vendors. Please be sure to follow local mandates and wear your mask appropriately, let’s stay safe and healthy during the holidays!

4. Request curbside pick-up from local businesses 

Wanting to stay safe and healthy while supporting local businesses? Order online or over the phone and request for your order to be brought out to your car. Keep yourself and others safe and healthy during this holiday season. 

5. Purchase gift cards and gift-certificates 

Who doesn’t love a gift card? They are the simplest gifts to give and people love purchasing just what they want with them. Gift cards and certificates also help small businesses thrive by giving them new business and money before a product is even bought. 

6. Share your experiences: word-of-mouth, social media, write reviews

Small businesses grow through word-of-mouth. Tell all your friends and family about your favorite local shops to give them more business along with a great reputation. Writing reviews online and on social media is another wonderful way to share your experience at an awesome local business!

7. Like and share the business on social media

Especially during COVID and long winter days, many people are on their phones. Social media is a huge form of marketing and sharing local businesses posts and stories can boost their business! Interacting on social media with local shops can sometimes help you win giveaways or hear about super sales that you might not otherwise see!

8. Try to buy at least half of your Christmas gifts from local businesses

One of the best ways to support local businesses is by buying their products! Challenge yourself and purchase local gifts for all your friends and family. Try to buy at least half of your gifts from local businesses (lots of local shops have online stores or contactless pickup so it is at your convenience). Even small purchases can help local businesses in a big way!

9. Subscribe to emails and newsletters

Not only does subscribing to small companies make a real person’s day, it can also give you great deals! Sometimes emails offer coupons or sales that nobody else knows about, get in on the deals while supporting local!

10. Ask about custom orders

Local makers and businesses love making their customers and community happy. If there is a product you love but maybe it’s not your size, design, or you want something similar but different, let the creator know! They might be able to create something custom for you or have what you’re looking for in their inventory.

Live Breathe Alaska encourages you to shop locally this holiday season and throughout the year. Check out our Instagram and Facebook for local businesses and sales you won’t want to miss. Keep your eye out for an upcoming article highlighting local businesses as well!


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