I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the amazing Megan Militello, owner of Elevated Oats. Megan is an extraordinary businesswoman who tackles her goals like she does any mountain (and she is a goat of a hiker, just look at her Instagram!). This impressive lady has grown her business and reputation in an oattastic way. Buy some Elevated Oats from local shops or online and support this veteran-owned company.

Elevated Oats is a granola company based in Anchorage that offers four scrumptious flavors of granola. They can be purchased in 4-ounce or 12-ounce bags at certain local vendors. Check out the mouth-watering flavors below:

Not Banana Bread

With hand-rolled oats as the centerpiece of our most popular granola, Not Banana Bread is designed to be your homemade granola away from home—whether you’re climbing a series of peaks or a mountain of work on your desk. With three kinds of bananas, you’ll get 3g of protein and fiber per serving, making this granola a grab bag snack for all ages.

Dark & Salty

Our simplest recipe yet, Dark & Salty Granola is 100% vegan and packed with 4g of protein per serving—making it our heartiest granola, too. Complete with organic chia seeds and coconut chips, you’ll have the perfect on-hand pack to eat on its own or add to any of your favorite backpacking snacks.

Velvet Beet

Whether you’re a health nut or a hemp nut, Velvet Beet is designed to be your partner in crime when it comes to early morning runs or just getting the job well done. Filled with beets, dried cranberries, hemp hearts, and tied together with white chocolate chips, our sweetest granola is as vibrant as it is fueling.

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Not Creamsicle

Rolled with oats and sprinkled with cashews and creamy white chocolate, Not Creamsicle is designed to fulfill all your snacking and protein-packing needs. Glazed with honey and coconut oil, this granola will blend into any lifestyle, whether you’re on the trails or on a late-night stream.

Where did the inspiration for a granola company come from?

The inspiration to begin Elevated Oats came from a variety of experiences. While I was living in Hawaii there was a banana patch full of banana bunches right by my home. I made cakes, bread, and anything I could to make sure the bananas didn’t go to waste. At the time I also worked for the government and saw an unfortunate trend of unhealthy eating amongst my coworkers. I was working on my health coaching certification as well and saw the need for healthy and real food. I decided to continue on the path of helping others become healthier by creating Elevated Oats.

How has COVID impacted Elevated Oats?

For us, the most challenging impact of COVID is that we were not able to participate in trade shows. Many of the shows and bazaars we planned to participate in were canceled. Luckily we are still able to do pop-ups at places such as Blue Market AK and the South Anchorage Farmers Market.

What is your favorite oat flavor?

Dark and Salty is my favorite, I can eat it right out of the bag all day long! It is also delicious in waffles, pancakes, and anything baked. Not Creamsicle is my favorite for overnight oats though, it tastes just like Trix. It’s like the healthy version of childhood memories!

How is Elevated Oats granola different from other granolas?

We use real carrots, beets, bananas, so only real ingredients. Our oats don’t contain any powders or fake stuff! We also strive to be unique in our flavors, recipes, and colors.

Where can someone buy your products?

We are in a variety of different businesses in Anchorage, and we hope to grow our number of locations in the future! Roaming Root Cellar in Fairbanks also sells Elevated Oats along with Kenai Kombucha and Localz AK on the Kenai Peninsula. Below is a list of all our vendor locations, go check them out!

Are any of your ingredients locally grown?

Yes! Our carrots come from Arctic Harvest, soon our beets will also be from local farms.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future?

Custom bags are the next exciting thing for us, we’ve been working on them forever! Of course, we want to grow our following and see Elevated Oats in local grocery stores. The future holds so much for us and we are pumped to see where we end up!

Elevate your connection with food. Starting with real, simple, and delicious oats, Elevated Oats! Visit www.elevatedoats.com to learn more about Megan and her flavorful granolas.


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