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Want to help the planet out by reducing waste but don’t know where to start? Head to Blue Market AK and purchase some useful and awesome products. From tea to towels they have items to make your home greener. Blue Market’s tag line is “Refill. Not Landfill.” They believe in taking steps to change waste-producing purchasing habits. Just switching out a few everyday items can make a big impact on our planet. For example, in 9 months Blue Market sold 4,332 ounces of bulk liquid shampoo, which equates to about 270 16-ounce bottles of shampoo that were NOT purchased or disposed of in the landfill! Go support this amazing local business and check out some of the items below!

Solid Dish Soap

One easily replaceable household item is dish soap. Instead of using a plastic container with liquid soap, buy a solid dish soap bar. You can also bring your empty plastic bottle and refill it with liquid soap at Blue Market.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Get rid of shampoo and conditioner bottles by using shampoo bars. They look just like soap but are for your hair! Although these might feel a bit different in your hair, they are still effective and smell lovely. Or, bring your plastic bottle of shampoo and refill it with liquid shampoo! To give you an idea of how awesome these are for the planet, Blue Market sold 404 shampoo and conditioner bars, which means 404 plastic bottles were not purchased or disposed of!

Wooden Toothbrushes

An everyday essential that can easily be made greener are toothbrushes. Instead of purchasing plastic brushes, buy wooden brushes that are much better for the planet. When they’ve had their use, throw them in your fireplace without a worry! Coming soon: bamboo wooden toothbrushes with replaceable heads!

Locally Made Re-Towels – Paper Towels made with NO Paper

Instead of throwing away paper towels, try reusable cloth ones. After a mess is cleaned up, toss these towels in the wash and use them over and over again. Great for napkins also!

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Bulk Food

Blue Market has a scrumptious selection of bulk foods. Locally made items such as Elevated Oats granola and local honey (Yummy!!) are amongst the selection. Bring your own container to fill up solid and liquid foods and bring it back again once all your delicious food has disappeared!

Bulk Oil

If you are a chef or baker, oil is essential for so many recipes. Before you go to the store to buy a new bottle of oil, head to Blue Market with your container and fill it up!

Bulk Spices

Never buy a spice container again, instead, refill your old ones at Blue Market in the bulk spice section. With a variety of spices to choose from you will be able to add flavor to any meal.

Reusable Silicone Containers

Stasher reusable silicone containers are incredibly durable and useful. Made out of platinum silicone, they can be used in the microwave, freezer, at the beach, in school, out four-wheeling, and pretty much anywhere. Replace plastic ziplock bags with these self-sealing reusable bags!

Glass Jar Lids

Mason and Bell jars are amazing for reusability, they can be used to store food, household items, and so much more. Glass jar lids are perfect to turn your old jars into drink containers. Pour some tasty kombucha, tea, coffee, or wine into your favorite jar and sip away!

Metal or Bamboo Straws

What goes perfectly in glass jar lids… metal straws! Save the turtles and use metal straws. Buy a couple and have one in your car, purse, toolbox, house, cabin, and wherever else you might need one.

Deodorant Balm

There is sooooo much plastic in the majority of deodorant sticks. Deodorant Balm and Underarm Detox get rid of that plastic and replace it with greener solutions. The ingredients are also considerably better for the environment and oneself.

Toothpaste Tabs & Powder

Toothpaste tubes are made of plastic, and they get thrown away around the world every day! Change up your lifestyle by using toothpaste tabs or powder. Both are refreshing and minty, without weird and unknown ingredients.

Floss in Glass or Metal Refillable Containers

Plastic floss containers are so old school… time to get high class with some glass containers. They can be used for the rest of your life, just buy the floss refills. This is an investment that will make your teeth and the environment happy!

City Maid Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner

When you purchase cleaner from the store, you’re truly buying a lot of water with a little cleaner. City Maid Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner only comes with the little bit of concentrated cleaner necessary. Just add water and voila! Once the cleaner runs out, come back to Blue Market to refill your spray bottle with a few ounces of cleaner.

Detergent Pods

Tide pods are not so good for the environment… they contain a toxic monomer called vinyl acetate, which is harmful to aquatic creatures. Replace your tide pods with completely biodegradable detergent pods.

Need some of these wonderful products? Head to Blue Market AK at 1406 W. 31st Ave, in the heart of Spenard, Anchorage!


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