Looking for an amazing workout with awesome people? Vib Cycle offers cycling classes in their south Anchorage studio. Created by two wonderful ladies, Jacenda and Lindsey, this studio gives off warm and eccentric vibes. If you want to try something new that will kick your booty while making you dance on your bike, head to Vib Cycle!

What inspired you to open a cycling studio?

Jacenda: Lindsey was originally a client of mine at my health coaching business. She was preparing to do the clean air challenge, which is a hundred-mile bike ride. Lindsey invited me to participate in the challenge and I began to thoroughly enjoy it. After riding my bike all the time I saw a cycle studio in Anchorage and decided to become an instructor. I absolutely fell in love with cycling and thought about creating my own business. I called Lindsey up and told her I had an idea. She said, “We’re opening a cycle studio!” before I even had the chance to tell her!

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How is Vib Cycle involved with the community?

Jacenda: We try and have as many fundraiser rides as we can. Vib Cycle always tries to stay involved in the community and we want our members to feel a community amongst one another.

Lindsey: A foundation of our business is being community-centric, we want students to feel at home in our walls. I believe many of our members come not only for the workout, but also the community feel that Vib Cycle offers.

How did you come up with the Vib Cycle Manifesto?

Jacenda: I was at my son’s pediatric appointment and the office had a manifesto, I took a picture of it and told Lindsey we should write our own! We each wrote our own manifestos and combined them together to create what is the Vib Cycle manifesto. We also had an amazing opportunity to work with a local production company, SprocketHeads, to bring our manifesto to life in the format of a short film that can be found on our website! We wrote the entire script & all of the people featured in it are our friends and family members. Such a special project that we feel honored to have been able to create!

Lindsey: There were a lot of similarities between our two manifestos, which was amazing to see we were on the same page.

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What can new students expect during their first class at Vib Cycle?

Jacenda: We try to get rid of the stigma of aggressive and hardcore spin classes. From the first time we talk to new students we try to make them feel very welcome. Giving them permission to go at their own comfort level without competition is important. They are also fitted on a bike and we make sure they understand how it works before class even begins.

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How has COVID-19 impacted Vib Cycle?

Lindsey: We shut down on March 16, but by the end of March we rented out bikes to members. Vib Cycle paused all memberships, but some of our members were kind enough to keep them active. We were closed for almost three months, reopening on June 8. Income was reduced by over 70%, but luckily we were able to keep our doors open. We now are at one-third capacity with bikes six feet apart.

Jacenda: It is a big change for us because the energy of being close and together is incredibly palpable. We have seen a great deal of support from our members, which is wonderful!

Are you taking extra sanitary actions for the safety of your students?

Lindsey: After each class, we sanitize every touchable surface and double-wash our bikes. The floors get mopped and lockers are sanitized. Members wear masks in the lobby and take them off once they are on their bikes.

Jacenda: The entire check-in process is also touchless, we check members in at the front desk. Vib Cycle also offers wipes so that members can wipe down their own bikes.

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What is your favorite part of taking a cycling class?

Lindsey & Jacenda: Everything!

Lindsey: I think the ride creates the experience, you get to check out of reality for 45 minutes.

Jacenda: I love, as an instructor, to see a student pushing themselves a little further than they thought they could. Each instructor brings their own energy and uniqueness to each class.

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Any suggestions for someone interested in cycling but not sure where to start?

Jacenda: They can call, email, or sign up online. I’d say please call us if you have any doubts about trying a class! I think everyone should try it at least once, maybe twice.

Lindsey: We have some awesome specials for new riders, it is $10 for your first class and from there we have lots of options.

Jacenda: The community at Vib cycle is amazing. I feel as though many of the members stay because of the sense of community. We want everyone to feel like they belong here.

For more information and to see the Vib Cycle schedule, go to https://www.vibcycle.com/ and sign up for a class!


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