Smartphones, social media, texting, emailing, all of this technology at our fingertips…isn’t this great? Yes, and quite frankly, no. We live in an age where we expect things to happen quickly, instant results, little to no waiting, wanting, and sometimes demanding things get expedited, prioritized, happen within minutes, hours, or in a day’s time. Technology speeds things up, makes things happen faster.

Technology connects us virtually, but what has happened to our reality? The greater the connection with technology, the more disconnected we have become in our world and in our society. We have lost something through this translation…relationship building, staying connected through means other than the use of any sort of technology.

How can we possibly stay connected with one another when we’re living in a digital age, without using our smartphones or any sort of technology? Pause for a moment, think about it…Okay, are you ready to know how? The answer is much more simple than one might think. 

You will need a few supplies (you may already have a few of these things in your home). Ready? Here it goes: paper, envelope, pen, stamp. Yep! That’s it! Sounds too easy, right? Have you figured it out? Of course, you have! All things you need to write and send a handwritten letter! 

How does a handwritten letter help you stay connected with someone, I mean, think about it…First, you need to decide who you want to write to (I suggest the first person that comes to your heart and mind).

Oh gosh! I’m not a writer! I don’t know what to say! Then, I need to remember how to fold the paper so it fits in the envelope just right, and not forget to moisten the seal so it stays shut! Not done yet, still need to put their address on the envelope (no, not their email address either!) Unfortunately, the mail carrier will not know who or where to deliver it to. Don’t forget to put your return address in the upper left hand corner either (so your friend can write you back-or-the mail carrier can return to you in case you forgot to put on a current postage stamp). Decorate with stickers, markers, colored pencils, use any medium you would like.

I know what you’re thinking, can’t I just send a text or email instead?

Not so fast! Handwritten letters may seem old-fashioned to you, a thing of the past, fading out, no longer a thing. I’m here to tell you handwritten letters are alive and well (in my world anyway!)  I continue to communicate with many friends and some family members this way.

If you have never received a handwritten letter in the mail, you are missing out on something very special indeed. A person’s energy goes into the words chosen and their very unique handwriting as they spend time thinking about and writing to you! These days, for someone to care so much about us, knowing we have to socially distance ourselves, handwritten letters provide a means of human connection when we can’t physically be together with one another.

Words have power! What we need more of in this world is a greater understanding of human compassion and how we can change lives for the better with a simple act of kindness. The smallest things often times have the greatest impact on other people’s lives. Something so simple as a handwritten letter, can provide hope and inspiration, give new meaning to life, let someone know they are loved, they are heard, appreciated, that they matter in this world!

How much you say is not as nearly as important as what you say. Let someone know how much they matter to you by: sharing a beloved memory they may have forgotten, tell them how much you appreciate them for being there for you when nobody else seemed to care, ask for forgiveness (if something from the past is unsettled in your heart), let them know you heard a song on the radio and made you think of them and smile. Most important, write from the heart. Say the words that come naturally to you. Allow yourself time to listen to your inner voice speak and write down the words you hear. Your soul knows, will guide you, finding just the right words to say.

You have a story inside of you, important things to be said and shared with the world. Don’t keep all those beautiful things inside of you locked up until it’s too late. Let other people know they matter to you by telling them how much you care. Feeling alone is one of the worst things to go through in your mind. It’s easy to lose sight of who you are and your worth in this world.

During our time of socially distancing during this pandemic, I challenge you to rise up, take a chance, write and send someone a handwritten letter. You may or may not get a response back (and that’s okay!) I’ve had to learn to accept this with several people in my life. Just think about the feeling you will get inside of you, knowing you did an outreach to make a day in the life of someone else a little 


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