Beyond the Portage turnoff on the Seward highway lies scenery that will astound. I truly love the glacier-fed creeks and sharp mountain peaks that make Portage Valley what it is. Although there are many hikes and trails to take in the Valley, Byron Glacier is spectacular. It is very family-friendly and is a hike that can be two miles to four-plus miles long.

Directions from Anchorage

Head southbound on the Seward Highway until you reach the Portage Valley turnoff. Stay on Portage Glacier road for five miles, then keep right on Portage Lake Loop. In half a mile turn right on Byron Glacier Rd and in about a mile you will see the trailhead.

Fairytale Views

The trail winds along Byron Creek and is maintained for one mile. Beyond that, you can explore the area and head up towards the glacier. The frigid cold glacier water cascades over lush moss-covered rocks, and it feels as though you are in a fairytale.

If you look at the mountain faces above, you will see waterfalls flowing for hundreds of feet. Water is prevalent in Portage and the valley often traps clouds and causes rain and moisture, be sure to bring a rain jacket.

Watch out for Ice Caves and Crevasses

My friends and I went in May and the snow was still dense and easy to walk on… but throughout the year conditions change. No matter when you head to Byron Glacier, be extremely cautious of the ice caves. They are incredibly beautiful but can break at any time, easily trapping people inside. People have died in the caves and it is smartest to view them from afar.

If you take advantage of the breathtaking views of Portage Valley and Byron Glacier, be sure to share your adventures with us on Instagram or Facebook. Thanks again for reading my Alaskan escapades, stay safe, and have fun outdoors!



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