My mouth starts watering whenever I hear someone talking about fresh Salmon. A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to go snagging for salmon in Seward with my friend Taylor. Although I did not catch any, I was lucky enough to eat some of the Salmon my friend’s dad got.

They taught me two different recipes, Rub with Love and Mayo Salmon. After we processed most of the Salmon by vacuum sealing it and sticking it in the freezer, we began making our dinner. It was around 1 am and we were starving after getting all the other fish processed.

Both recipes were quite simple, Rub with Love required only the seasoning mixture and some oil. It was then lathered on the salmon and the end result was amazing. The paprika, thyme, and brown sugar of Rub with Love blended perfectly with the salmon.

Mayo Salmon is also easy to make, one needs only mayo or miracle whip and a variety of spices. Once both fillets are lathered up, grill them for around 15 minutes or until the skin falls off. You can also cook them in an oven or microwave.

After the Salmon is done cooking and falls apart easily, feel free to garnish them. We topped our salmon with avocado slices and it tasted delicious. Rice, quinoa, potatoes, and salads all go wonderfully with Salmon.

Pair these simple Salmon recipes with your favorite craft beer, wine, or kombucha. If you try either of these recipes out, let us know by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook!


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