In my opinion, the best way to see Alaska is by plane. Such a small percentage of the 49th state is accessible by road, and although some of it is boatable, flying is the way to go to see it all. I have been working on my pilot’s license and am getting close to taking the big test… but in the meantime, I’ve been having fun flying with my uncle. He just recently got his license and we’ve been zooming around south-central Alaska. This article is a little collection of my favorite parts of flying adventures that make me so grateful to live in the Last Frontier.


The thrill of flying next to mountains and through passes is like no other. I recently flew through passes on the Kenai Peninsula up to Knik Glacier as well as up north near Rainy Pass. We spotted mountain sheep high up on ridges and saw Eagles soaring, it was amazing.


I am a fishing addict and rivers, streams, and lakes are absolutely beautiful to me. My mind wanders to the salmon, trout, char, and other fish that Alaska’s amazing waters hold. Flying over rivers and spotting fishers is a fun way to spend the day.

There are many Alaskans that have their own planes and can fly out to fish, hike, hunt, and more. Local charters can also get you out to remote lodges and destinations to do those adventurous activities.


Glaciers fascinate me, they have so much history and I always find it crazy how they recede over time. Alaska has approximately 100,000 glaciers and only a few of them are accessible by the road system. Below is a video of the top of Knik Glacier, it sits amongst the Chugach Mountains.

Year-round Activity

One of the best parts of flying is that it can be done year-round. Even during the short daylight of winter one can go out and see snow-covered mountains. Although you might have to layer up, flying in the winter can be breathtaking.

Get Out Flight Seeing

If you have an interest in seeing Alaska from the sky check out some of these great local companies. From Anchorage to Denali and beyond, they can get you where you want to be!

Thank you for reading the fourth article of Exploring Alaska with Tia, I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the Alaskan summer!


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