I originally developed this recipe for a chicken and waffle sandwich on the Phat Kid food truck years ago but have kept it as a back-pocket favorite for my family (and an excellent way to use my excess sourdough starter).  That sandwich as well as this recipe have had numerous tweaks over the years, and I feel this finds the perfect waffle-y balance in it. Crispy yet fluffy, moist but ready to absorb what you slather onto it. Feel free to mix in things like bacon or blueberries! This is an equally as delicious pancake recipe. 

2 cups (300 g) Bread Flour or other high gluten flour
2 cups (300 g) Sourdough starter (works at any stage, best right before discard)

½ cup (100 g) Sugar 

1.5 T (10 g) Salt
1 cup (200 g) Milk (any variety works!)
4 ea Whole eggs
3 t Baking Soda 

Preheat waffle iron. Combine bread flour, sourdough starter, sugar, salt, milk, and eggs. Once thoroughly mixed add the baking soda, mix well, and allow to sit for 5 minutes.

Spray heated waffle iron with non-stick spray. (for a standard industrial-sized Belgian I use about 4 oz batter) and iron until very golden brown.

Remove from iron slap it on a plate and smother it with your favorite toppings—maple syrup, fresh whipped cream, citrus curds, Nutella, fresh berries, anything your heart desires. ENJOY! 

These waffles freeze like a dream! For the best results: Grill waffle thoroughly as you would to serve. Allow to cool on a wire rack until room temp. Freeze flat on a sheet tray until frozen (about 2 hours) then wrap and date. 

To reheat: Pop that bad boy into the oven at 400 degrees for about 5 minutes for best results. Toaster and microwave are also adequate but not amazing. 


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Katie Wright is an Anchorage-based baker and owner of CONCOCTION breads and provisions; as well as the current pastry chef at Altura Bistro. She has been part of notable Anchorage-based projects such as developing the “Phat Kid” brand and food truck for local favorite Kaladi Brothers and currently runs a pop-up through re:MADE in southside Anchorage. Katie grew up in south Anchorage and attended both Service high school and participated in the KCC culinary program. She continued to follow her love of pastry and studied at the wonderful “French Pastry School of Chicago” where a deep love of farm to table and conscious cooking developed. Katie is an avid forager and processes her foraged goods into a variety of ‘provisions’ that are used throughout CONCOCTION’s menu. You can find her throughout the summer either in the woods teaching her two young children how to identify wild plants and mushrooms, or in her kitchen processing beautiful sourdoughs and gluten-free breads.


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