Hello and YEAH!!! You have decided to start eating a more plant-based diet, or​​ you have a friend who is vegan/vegetarian and you would love to go out to eat with them. ​​ This guide is designed to help you get a start exploring the wonderful restaurants and their plant-based options. It does not cover every place. It is a​​ sampling of what is available. What I am super happy about is that there are more and more places offering plant-based options and more are being added all the time.​​ 
A few things to note​​ in how the guide was developed,​​ I have tried to note if a restaurant​​ cooks their fried items in the same oil as meat/eggs/dairy. ​​ I highly recommend that you ask a restaurant if they share their fryer and not just ask if the fries are vegan as I have found that not all people consider things fried together as non-vegan. I was very bummed to find out the garlic cilantro fries at Bear tooth are not vegan because they are fried with dairy and egg items. So, if cross contamination is a deal breaker, please ask specific questions.


Yak &​​ Yeti’s Himalayan Restaurant
Tibetan & Indian food
Located in Spenard

Namaste Shangri-La:
Homemade recipes – fusion of India, Nepal, Tibet, Burma
Located on Tudor and Lake Otis

Bombay Deluxe Indian Restaurant
Indian food, lunch time buffet. Lots of vegan options. Clearly marked menu Located on Northern Lights

Queen of Sheeba:
Ethiopian food. Lots of vegan options for lunch and dinner
Located Midtown, between Northern Lights & Benson off Dawson

Thai Siam:​​
Vegan friendly and willing to make modifications
Located in Spenard

Thai Kitchen:​​
Lots of vegan options
Located off Tudor.

Siam Cuisine:
Vegan friendly and willing to make modifications
Located off Dimond

Lahn Pad Thai:​​
Vegan friendly and willing to make modifications
Located Downtown & South Anchorage/Abbott

Pho Lena:
e a veggie broth – super tasty
Located in Spenard, Downtown, Penland Park and Boniface 

Pho Saigon​​:
Vegan pho!
Located in Tikhatnu

Pho Vietnam:
Request the veggie broth – it’s not on the menu. The Vietnamese crepes can be made vegan.
Located in Midtown off Denali and several other locations.


Guacamole, taco salad, burritos, and bowls
Locations all over town

Pita Pit:​​
Falafel, hummus, &​​ black bean patty. Vegan dressings
Locations all over town

Taco Bell:​​
Rice and beans are vegan. Ask for Fresco Style to make it vegan and sub beans for beef
Locations all over town

Several breads and dressings are vegan. You pick your fillings.​​
Locations all over town

Yeti Dog: ​​
Food Truck​​ Serving Field Roast hotdogs. Cooked separately from meat items. Their signature onions are also vegan.  ​​​​ 

Urban Greens:​​
Downtown salad shop, ask what the vegan options are.


Burger Fi:​​
Serving the Beyond burger.​ Fries are not vegan, cooked in same oil as meat.​​ Locations all over town

Burger King:​​
Serving the Impossible Whopper.​​ Fries are vegan. To make it vegan – Request no mayo, no cheese, & cooked in the microwave.​​
Locations all over town

Carl’s Jr.:​​
Serving the Beyond Burger.​​ Request no mayo or cheese to make it vegan
Locations all over town

Red Robin:​​
In h
ouse made grain-based Veggie Burger. To make it vegan hold the mayo, aioli, and request a lettuce bun.
Locations all over town


Lunch and Dinner. Pacific Rim and Asian specialties. Willing to make modifications
Located downtown​ 

Organic Oasis:
Lots of vegan/raw/gluten free options.​​ Lunch, dinner, & dessert.​​ Live Music on occasion
Located off Spenard.​​ 

Middle Way Café​​:
Breakfast, Lunch, desserts, and goodies. Very vegan and gluten free friendly menu
Located Midtown off Northern Lights.

Hearth Pizza​​:
Vegan pizza crust & the
y also have vegan cheese. Dessert too!
Located Midtown off Northern Lights.

49th State Brewing​​:
Appetizers, vegan burger, and tasty vegan pizza. Clearly labeled on the menu – no mods required
Located Downtown

Snow City​​ Café:​​
Breakfast and Lunch with vegan options
Located Downtown

Moose’s Tooth & Bear Tooth Grill: ​​
Lunch and dinner. Both the grill and movie side are vegan friendly, willing to make modifications. Now offering vegan pizza options!
Located in Midtown & Sp

Spenard Roadhouse: ​​
Vegan options clearly marked on the menu. Serving the Impossible Burger.​​ The tots are fried in the​​ same oil as meat.​​ Willing to make modifications.​​
Located in Spenard/Benson

El Green Go’s:
Lots of vegan options. The food truck has decided to go brick and mortar. They will be located downtown.​​ Opening to be announced

South Restaurant & Cafe:​​
Lots of vegan options. Clearly marked on the menu. They have even updated the wine list with which wines are vegan
in south Anchorage

Fire Island Rustic Bakery:
Homemade breads. Sometimes have vegan desserts
South, downtown, and midtown (airport heights).

UAA’s Culinary arts program restaurant. Menu changes weekly – have a vegan option. Check their FB page​​ for current offerings
Located on UAA campus.

Mexico in Alaska:​​
Vegan options including on their lunch buffet
Located off Old Seward Highway, north of Dimond Blvd.

Jack Sprat:
Feeling like going for a drive. Delicious vegan options and willing to make​​ 
accommodations. Homemade nut-based milk available
Located in Girdwood 


SO YO Yogurt Shop:​​
Several vegan options and toppings – including vegan whipped cream.
Off Huffman in south Anchorage.​​ 

Natural Yogurt Selection:​​
Always at least two vegan options the peanut butter is delish!​​
Located in Midtown.

Wild Scoops:​​
Hand crafted Ice Cream – Made in Alaska. Have a rotating vegan option and a vegan ice cream sandwich that is amazing!
Located downtown and Midtown 

Sweet Herbivore:​​
100% Vegan cupcakes by order. Best way to connect​​ 
is via Facebook. Lots of very delectable looking options

Fat Corgi Confections:​​
Small batch chocolates and other confections. The peanut butter cups are fantastic. Good prices
Available at the Saturday Market in the Midtown Mall

Wildland Chocolate:​​
Chocolate bars and other confections. They have vegan white chocolate! Need to check their webpage to find which events they will be at.
Located in Anchorage.

Rescue Chocolate: ​​
www.rescuechcolate.com ​​very​​ tasty, and she​​ donates a portion to various animal rescues

Lagustas Luscious: ​​​​
Outlandish yummy​​ http://www.lagustasluscious.com/shop/


Identify if the mixed drink, liquors, beer, or wine is vegan.

Great site to find stores/restaurants in your area at home and when you travel

Anchorage Vegan Guide/Printable version

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I was born and raised in Alaska, and am proud of my Alaska Native and Italian heritage. I have been married to Doug McKee since 1989. We have two daughters (Avianna and Saharra), two grandsons, and two rescue furbabies . I am currently working as a professional engineer in the transportation industry. Our families vegan journey began in 2006 and has been going ever since. I love sharing how easy switching to a plant-based lifestyle can be and I am very excited to be bringing these informational flyers to you.


  1. This is really awesome! But the black bean patty at Pita Pit has egg listed as one of the first ingredients on their website. I found this out recently so it was fresh in my mind.

    Thanks for the awesome list otherwise!

  2. Thank You. Although we aren’t vegan we know going that direction is healthy and better for the planet. Thanks for the list. Maybe you could do a critique of some restaurants listed.


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