The boutique juicery Market Juice, located in the revitalized Spenard neighborhood, is owned and operated by life long Alaskan Sarah Glassett. Sarah opened Market Juice with the determination to inspire health and wellness in the Anchorage community. Sarah is a boss babe mama who apart from running Market Juice and all that entails, also teaches yoga and cycle at a local studio, really grounding her roots in the community. 

Owner of Market Juice, Sarah Glassett

 Market Juice specializes in cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies that have endless benefits. The products used in the juices and smoothies are ethically sourced and are chosen in order to best benefit the consumer as well as the planet. The juices are served in glass bottles as to limit environmental impact and the returnable bottle program is great way to not only be sustainable but also give the customers a little perk for taking their health (personal and environmental) into their own hands. Snacks like Brownie Protein Bites or Avocado Toast are also regulars on the menu, keeping tummies fulfilled and happy.
Read below for a Q&A with the gracious Sarah Glassett.

How did the idea for Market Juice come about? 

I have been teaching yoga in our community for a long time and would take myself on trips to places like NYC and Los Angeles and part of my routine would be to find an amazing cold-pressed juice place and then practice yoga, finding inspiration to bring home. I was at a juncture in my life with some savings and the ability to quit my professional career in Project Management and embrace bringing healthy options to our community.

What does health and wellness mean to you, and why do you want to share it with the community? 

A lot of this has become very trendy in the last few years and I am determined to offer choices that are good for your body, digestion, mental clarity as well as for the environment. I believe health and wellness is having awareness around the choices one makes and then the willingness to steer them in a direction that is good for the person and for the Earth. 

Why should people juice?

Our digestive system works very hard to process food. When you drink juice (fresh, cold-pressed), your body is not having to process any fiber and can more directly absorb the nutrients in each fruit and vegetable in the juice. 

Tell me about the cold pressed process and how it differs from other kinds of juicing?

The process of juicing that is cold-pressed is what we offer at Market Juice. It is a way to make the juice in large batches without applying any heat. This way the maximum amount of nutrients are maintained and it lasts longer. Our juicer also is incredibly effective at creating a minimum of pulp leftover. Other styles of juicing, for example what is commonly found in the home, is basically meant to be consumed immediately. 

How do you choose what to be juiced at what time? Do you have a favorite thing to juice?

We have created a core set of juices at Market Juice that contain a combination of high quality ingredients and provide an awesome spectrum of taste, color and benefits. We are mindful in what goes into each recipe and make sure there is a good balance of fruit and vegetables in each. I really enjoy our Summer Love juice. It is bright and citrusy and I know (from having made it a hundred times), that it is an amazing source of Vitamin C and while I don’t like raw carrots all that much, I am enjoying their benefits in a tasty way. 

Which juice is the most popular and what are the health benefits? 

Classic Green Lemonade is our most popular juice that we offer. It is a beautiful green color which sometimes scares people that are new to juicing, but it has a very mild flavor that is easy on the palate and totally refreshing. It has A LOT of kale in it and in combination with the other ingredients it is very hydrating and packed with vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system healthy. 

Tell me about the cleanses you offer, how do they work?

We offer a 3 day cleanse package. We purposely created a program that people have to sign up for in advance and plan for. We also purposefully schedule it mid week (Wed-Fri). It is important for the cleanses to not be a whimsical decision, but a conscious decision that the person will try their hardest to accomplish. A juice cleanse is about 2 main things, not eating food so your digestive system can REST and then adding in the juice to get the nutritional benefits of the juice directly absorbed into the body. It is not easy, but is AWESOME. I would never encourage anyone to do this for weight loss, it is something much bigger, it is about the gut biome getting a chance to reset and is a really good way to kick off the start to healthier choices. 

What other products do you carry, and why do you carry them?

As I mentioned earlier, everything we do at Market Juice is mindful. As we are slowly adding in food items, it is so important that they are of the highest quality in ingredients, that they offer something more than just to fill you up and that the packaging and sourcing are eco-friendly. We get a lot of people in from the fitness community and it is great to be able to offer smoothies with our house-made almond milk or a healthy portion of avocado toast made with Fire Island bread. 

Is there anything in particular that is coming up for Market Juice that you’re excited about? What has surprised you since opening?

We are working to always expand our menu and will be featuring Smoothie Bowls really soon. I hope in the winter to continue to add to our savory food options as well (soups/salads). Almost everything has surprised me since opening in 2017, but mostly the love from the community. I have met so many amazing people that have come to know me, my kids, my passion for this business and I have been able to expand my concept of Alaska being home in the most amazing way.

Market Juice
2601 Spenard Rd. Suite #1
Anchorage, AK 99503
Instagram: Market Juice IG  Facebook: Market Juice FB


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