Nestled in between Middle Way Café and Title Wave Books is a new kid on the block. Natural Yogurt Selections is a health-minded frozen yogurt shop owned by Susan Martin. “I wanted to open up a shop that was more accessible to everyone. All the frozen yogurt shops were all on the South Side of town, and I wanted a place I could take my daughter that was closer to us” said Susan. She reminisced about times when her daughter was younger and would come home from school and they would want to go on a mom and daughter date, and she didn’t want to always have to go out of the way to make that happen. So, she went to work. Her and her late husband David decided they were going to jump in, and they started on the hunt for the perfect location.

They ended up in what is the “old Grassroots” store in the Northern Lights Mall. “This space was the third place we looked at. David walked in and said, “This is the one””. They started renovations and created a wide-open space for possibility. Opening in September 2018, Susan wanted to focus on more health-conscious choices for their yogurt. All the yogurts are certified organic, are certified kosher, contain probiotic blend with 6 live active cultures, contain no GMO’s, are gluten free, are trans-fat free, and cholesterol free. All the toppings available are all free of high fructose corn syrups, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners. There is a rotating selection of choices at the self-service yogurt bar, with vegan options as well that are made with a coconut base. “Peanut butter is definitely a favorite” said Martin, who would know since she is one of two faces you would see on a regular basis at the shop. Kylie, the other smiling face you will see when you go in said she is experimenting with the flavors, trying to add something different to them. “I really want to add vanilla bean flakes to the vanilla yogurt” Kylie said, with the purpose of adding some more fun to the already delicious yogurt.

In terms of fun, Natural Yogurt Selections or NYS for short, is very much family and group oriented. Susan, a graduate of Chugiak, wants a place for the community to gather. “During the winter months especially, people come in and play board games or have small gatherings. It’s a good time” said Susan. The space is large enough for small events like poetry readings or even karaoke. NYS also features a First Friday artist every month. For the month of September local artist Samara Monroe will take over the walls of NYS. As the fall months roll in, also keep an eye out for some awesome seasonal flavors to fall in love with, such as pumpkin spice, salted caramel and mint. 

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Instagram: @natural.yogurt.selection

Website: Natural-Yogurt-Selection


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