Snoring is a symptom that needs to be addressed by a professional to determine if there is a sleep problem. The issues related to not sleeping correctly are very serious. There are multiple options to solving snoring issues and not all of them are extreme.  There have been many advances recently in treating sleeping disorders. It is vital to your continued health to find out if your snoring is hurting you.

Problems associated with snoring and sleep breathing disorders include:

* Stroke

* High Blood Pressure

* Memory loss/foggy memory (neurocognitive)

* Learning problems/ failing grades

* Weight gain/obesity

* Metabolic effects

* Increased Motor vehicle accidents

* Heart Attack (among other cardiovascular problems)

* Divorce (from being tired cranky/ sleeping in another room/struggle with job)

* Depression

* Moodiness

* Anxiety


* Behavioral problems (e.g. ADD/ADHD)

* Excessive Daytime Tiredness

Any combination of these symptoms is serious enough to seek a professional consultation.


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