Are you Ready for Summer?

It is the end of March and you are so ready to see spring come early and summer in Alaska hit! What are you going to do when that time comes that you have been waiting for? Are you going to jump head first into fun and sink, or swim? You may be curious what I mean by this, and the point is – are you ready?
You are wanting to make trips and see Alaska from maybe a new point of view. Do you know what point of view that is? Do you want to have guide take you to places you have never seen? Are you wanting to hike a new mountain with friends? You can do this! You just need to start planning and preparing now!
There are many places you can look to get guidance on what are the best places to see and things to do. Visit Anchorage has some great information about local attractions and activities, and some that are just outside of town. There is also a couple places in downtown that can show you where some excitement can be found out further.  So once you make a decision, getting the initial information is easy!
Preparing is the next step! Will you have all the gear that is needed for you are about to embark on? Shoes? Spikes? Packs? Anything? If not, you now have to time to find, and purchase the correct type of equipment you will need, if any! Most likely if you are doing something that is outside of the city, you will need something – so be ready! REI has plenty of local people who have been there and done that can help you with what you will need and maybe steer you clear of things that are bright and shiny, but unnecessary.
Don’t forget that there is also a potential physical element to your summer trip. Can you physically do it? Now is the best time to start training and get prepared. Regardless if you just start walking today, or have been hiking Flattop on the weekends religiously, you probably want to find out what you need to be capable doing come summer.


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