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Saturday, March 28, 2020
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Family Activities During Social Distancing

Hunkering down is in affect and we are all looking for ways to spend time with our families that can keep us...

10 Places to Visit in Alaska Year-round

Looking to take an adventure but don’t have the time or money to go out of state? Alaska has destinations that are...

No More Motivation Monday! Try This Instead.

 “I just need a little motivation,” she said as we sat sipping coffee and deciding if we should work together. She had over 50...

Your Guide To Making Dairy-Free Milk

To Blend Or To Buy... That Is The Question When It Comes To Non-Dairy Milk Well its not the only question but it is a...

Yoga Poses For Lower Back Tension | With David Westlake

I feel that lower back tension is common for so many people today. There are many contributors to this dilemma including stress, posture, underdeveloped...

Do You Struggle To Stay On Track With Your Health Goals?

Do You Struggle to Stay on Track with Your Health Goals? Here’s My Secret Weapon! Do you ever wonder how some people seem to stay...
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